Opportunity Unlimited: The AIL Melting Pot

American Income Life - A Melting Pot of Backgrounds and Professions

American Income Life – A Melting Pot of Backgrounds and Professions

What do a pastor, 5th grade teacher, pastry chef, and chiropractor have in common?

Give up? Here’s a hint: They’re all part of the AIL Melting Pot.  That’s right – people from all walks of life have found successful careers with American Income Life by working hard and taking a Leap of Faith.

Take David Schanuel, of the Oldham Agency, for instance. Six months ago, David was a pastor with dreams of opening up a retreat center for pastors and their spouses. In search of a source of supplemental income, he decided to take a Leap of Faith with American Income Life Insurance Company. Thanks to AIL’s Opportunity Unlimited, David’s dream is about to come true.

Whereas David was looking for more work, Kendra Orng, of the Altig-Orlovic Agency, was looking for more free time. A pastry chef for 5-star hotels and resorts in Los Angeles, Kendra’s never-ending workday left her looking for a career where she could set her own schedule. Kendra found that flexibility with American Income Life and hasn’t looked back since. She recently moved to Nashville, and is excited to unpack her baking equipment and enjoy her newfound, hard-earned freedom.

Of the many fascinating individuals interviewed at last month’s Leadership Academy 101, one of the most touching stories was from Milena Arceo, of the Jatoft-Foti Agency. A former real estate agent, Milena had lost three properties and her car, leaving her with less than $200 in the bank and a room at her parents’ house. Milena’s brother suggested she contract with American Income Life, and she hasn’t looked back since. Forever grateful for the opportunity given to her by AIL, Milena is now paying it forward by helping people who were in her shoes.

These stories go to show that no matter your past occupation, with hard work and ambition you can find success with American Income Life Insurance Company’s Opportunity Unlimited. Learn from your past, leapfrog into your future, and listen to Confucius:

“Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Do you have an interesting background?  What was your occupation before American Income Life? Leave a comment and share your story!

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