The Next Generation of American Income Life Leaders: Melissa Quintal

American Income Life SGA Melissa Quintal

American Income Life SGA Melissa Quintal

This past week, more than 130 future American Income Life leaders visited the Home Office for AIL Leadership Academy.

The event was a three-day extravaganza of knowledge, enthusiasm, and eye-opening leadership techniques … that was expected. What was less expected, though equally invigorating, was the diversity among AIL’s Agent force. While all attendees shared one common vision – grow their Agency and expand their business – few other similarities existed among Leadership Academy’s Class of January 2013; not the region they hailed from, the chapter of their lives they’re in, and certainly not their career prior to joining American Income Life.

One such attendee was Melissa Quintal of the Diecedue Agency: Louisianan by way of Massachusetts, former Deputy of the Terrebone Parish Sheriff’s Office, and formerly known as ‘Catfish’ on Cajun Justice, the hit A&E reality show. Over the course of one 21-episode season, Melissa could be found controlling criminal disturbances, issuing citations along the bayou, or calling up Jacob ‘Gator Man’ Lirrette, Terrebone’s alligator nuisance hunter and, as of recently, Melissa’s beloved fiancé.

After three-and-a-half years with the Terrebone Parish Sheriff’s Office, Melissa parted ways this past July and posted her eclectic resume online … not long thereafter, opportunity came-a calling.

“After I left the Sheriff’s Office, I wasn’t sure what my plan was or where my career would take me,” Melissa says. “I got a call from American Income Life, though, and all the questions I had started to get some answers.”

After meeting with State General Agent Joe Diecedue and hearing of the Opportunity Unlimited  in a sales career with AIL, Melissa contracted with American Income Life as a sales representative.

“I knew it was up to me to make this new venture work, so that’s exactly what I did,” Melissa says. “I learned quickly that if you want to succeed with this Company, and you set your mind to it, you can make it happen … anyone can make it happen.” Proof of ‘making it happen’ was evident in Melissa’s signing of a Supervising Agent contract after only a few short months with the Company. As for her upcoming year, Melissa, along with her SGA Joe Diecedue, has big plans in store.

“Joe plans to open up another location here in Louisiana over the course of the next six months,” Melissa says. “And my goal – my expectation – is to sign a Master General Agent contract by June. That way, I’ll be ready to help Joe run that Agency and help this Company continue its expansion along the Gulf Coast.”

Her long-term plan? “I’d like to continue to grow with AIL and ultimately run an Agency of my own,” she says.

It’s clear that, following AIL Leadership Academy, Melissa’s sights are set high; so high even, that the alligators and crocodiles roaming the ol’ bayou will appear as mere ants next time ‘Catfish’, American Income Life Agent extraordinaire, strolls through her old stomping grounds.

Melissa’s vision is to be a Master General Agent by June of 2013. What’s YOUR vision over the next year when it comes to your career with American Income Life Insurance Company?

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