AIL Leadership Academy, Day 2 Recap

American Income Life - taking you, the new breed of AIL Agents, to the next level.

American Income Life – taking you, the new breed of AIL Agents, to the next level.

You can feel it in the air at Leadership Academy 101. Lives are being changed, motivation is being strengthened, and the future leaders of American Income Life are being enabled to grow like never before. With a room full of nearly 150 top-of-the-class AIL Agents, it’s only fitting we brought in the best and brightest minds this Company has for the sole purpose of taking you, the new breed of AIL Agents, to the next level.

Mike Sheets, Director of Needs-Based Selling, graced the AIL stage twice today, breaking down the Laptop Presentation in a way that had the whole room collectively thinking, “I can do this; Oh, yea, I can master this.” Domenico Bertini, VP of Field Operations, also played a double-header today when he talked about the importance of growth and talent management. Cliffnotes version:  Growth is crucial. Recruiting is crucial. It’s what makes the American Income Life wheels go round, and after this week, it’s clear you Agents are prepared like never before to hit the ground running and grow your recruitment pipelines. Larry Strong, VP of Agency Development, and State General Agent Bob Olson also dropped some serious knowledge from the AIL stage throughout the day.

Leadership Academy 101 still has one more rip-roarin’ day to go, and it can only end with you Agents – the world’s greatest sales force – going home with the mindset of a LEADER. The systems are firmly in place to get results, and your pipeline is growing each day. Now, all that’s left to do is grow that Agency, lead that team by example … and prosper!

Congratulations on making it to Leadership Academy, and take comfort that as a future leader of American Income Life, you’re headin’ back to your Agency with everything you need to continue on your path of growth.

What was the greatest advice you’ve received so far during Leadership Academy? How do you plan on implementing that advice at your Agency?

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