AIL Leadership Academy, Day 3 Recap

American Income Life - The doorway to success

American Income Life – The doorway to success

They say when one story ends, another one soon begins.

If that’s the case, Steve Kafkis’ Leadership Academy 101 closing speech marked the end of a three-day story filled with boundless energy, invaluable messages, and something every great story possesses:  character development. Just ask any of the 140 future leaders of American Income Life who comprised this story’s ensemble cast, and you’ll see the difference three high-octane days make in the career of an American Income Life Representative.

As thrilling as it was, this story will never be as exciting as the countless follow-up stories it’s sure to produce; stories of Agencies building from the ground up, stories of Agents taking commissions to the next level, and stories of increased confidence and drive leading to a more prosperous tomorrow for all of AIL. These are the real stories to tell of Leadership Academy 101.

On the final day of Leadership Academy 101, Company leaders were firing on all cylinders, delivering one fast-paced speech after the other ensuring attendees head home with all they need to see their Agency flourish. From Richard Meshulam, VP of Quality Business, to Matt Henderson, State General Agent and Executive Council member, each and every speech empowered AIL Representatives to be the best a) Sales Agents, b) Recruiters, and c) Agency-Builders they can possibly be. After three days at Leadership Academy, it’s obvious why Bernard Rapoport, founder of American Income Life, was always quick to declare American Income Life ‘The World’s Greatest Sales Force.’ The Company’s current and future leadership won’t settle for anything less.

CONGRATULATIONS to all Leadership Academy 101 graduates on your personal and professional growth over this past week. Although this story has come to an end, we can’t wait to see your future stories unfold with AIL!

Of all the knowledge you gained during Leadership Academy 101, what are you most eager to put to use at your Agency? What are you most eager to put to use in the field?

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