American Income Life and Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation: Training to Lead

CEO Roger Smith and Fidelco Rep

Ever wondered how guide dogs learn to lead? Not unlike American Income Life Agents, guide dogs go through an abundance of training to learn to help people in need. These puppies-in-training must exhibit willful focus, restraint, and delicate care for the legally blind owners who will come to rely on the incredible animals.

Organizations like the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation ensure that such dogs continue to get the highly specialized training they need to lead. With a focus on developing expertly-bred German Shepherd pups, Fidelco trains the best of the best to become, well, even better!

As we at American Income Life commit our efforts to giving back, we are utilizing our Closer to the Heart program to invest in one of Fidelco’s exceptional German Shepherds.

Our focus this year is to help raise funds to bring one blinded veteran a canine pal and assistant unlike any other.

After some of the Fidelco gang (dog friend in hand) stopped by our Spring SGA meeting at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino a few weeks ago, we got a little extremely excited. We pooled our resources. And it’s game on! This AIL-sponsored puppy is learning to lead, and we can’t wait to keep you posted on his progress.

Now if a guide dog can do this much good, you can too. How are YOU giving back?

Fidelco Friend Dunkin looking regalDomenico Bertini, VP of Field Operations, and Dunkin

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