Don’t Show the Way – Lead the Way

Domenico Bertini VP of Field Operations for American Income Life

Domenico Bertini VP of Field Operations for American Income Life

As the Presidents and CEO’s of your company, you better understand that your relationship with your sales force is the key pivot point that makes or breaks your company development. Make sure you lead your people with principles, basic truths, morals, ethical standards and most importantly with clear objectives that have been clearly communicated. Align everyone to the objectives of your company and you’ll have overall accountability.

Five basic points can change your forward movements, recruit more people and retain more agents. Regardless of what point you start at, your American Income Life business can only benefit for the future.

1. Put your sales force first.
2. Connect with it.
3. Help the individuals in your sales force, regardless of what contract they hold, to position themselves to win.
4. Build trust with them.
5. Make your agency a place where positive emotional experiences are created.

As a leader, it’s imperative to remember that your personal success, your paycheck, your promotions and ultimately your career, is 100% tied to how well your people perform. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

When you look at results, you can say “I feel good about the performance of my team” or “I need to start leading the way and not showing the way to get back where I belong”. When you lead the way, you lead your people; when you show the way, you are refusing to do the things you are asking your people to do.

Change!! That is always driven from the top down. Leaders earn success by helping others get what they want out of life. You need to bring the best out of your sales force. Happy, committed American Income Life agents give their best when they respect their leaders. Get them to follow you, get them to achieve their goals and they’ll get you all you ever wanted out of this business.

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