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It may be our final day at #AILLA101 and it may be time to say our goodbyes, but on behalf of American Income Life we want to say, “Welcome!” Not to the Home Office – after all, you’ve already spent two days here enjoying insurance industry training from the best in the biz. But it’s time for us to welcome you to the American Income Life Leadership Academy team.

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American Income Life Team

Because you’ve attended American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 101, you have joined the ranks of our esteemed leaders who have put forth the time and effort necessary to become the best of the best. But remember, you’re only as strong as your team so be proud of what you’ve achieved at #AILLA101, and pay forward all you’ve learned.

Stay Connected with American Income Life

Connect with the Agents you’ve met this week: add each other on Facebook, exchange emails, connect on LinkedIn. And also be sure to ‘like’ our American Income Life’s Official Facebook Page  so can tag yourself in pics from the event and engage with your fellow grads.

We’re lucky to have you on our team. Tell us below: How do you plan to stay connected with the people you’ve met at #AILLA101?

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